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“Service Statistics” section helps you to monitor the OpenTrade Commerce services requests statistics, to review translated data volume, to estimate caching efficiency and to be aware of the valid service tariff you are currently subscribed to.

To enter the “Service Statistics” section you should get the access to the site admin area and then choose “Service Statistics” menu option (3rd row, 4th left button).


The “Service Statistics” section contains the following information:

  1. Your tariff
  2. Turnover ratio (%)
  3. Statistics Parameters:
  • Number of requests to services
  • The total volume of the translated texts (in symbols)
  • Text volume translated by outer automatic translator (in symbols)
  • The product source caching efficiency (Taobao requests)

Service Payment Tariffs

Basic service payment tariffs

  • “Sandbox”
  • “Startup”
  • “Call”
  • “Turnover”

Visit link for current tariffs, prices and terms of use

Statistics Parameters

Statistics Parameters are displayed as per certain time interval: day, week, month and total amount. Let’s review service statistics parameters in details.


Number Of Requests To Services

Your site gets all the data from Taobao (products, prices, description, and etc.) through OpenTrade Commerce Platform services.

A call means every single access to those services. For example, when the customer opens a product card, the site requests the product information. The Platform counter identifies it as a call.

Some OpenTrade Commerce tariffs are based on the aforecited principle, thus the number of calls may affect your  choice of the particular tariff. If you have just started working with the site and number of calls is quite a few, it makes sense to apply the call-oriented tariffs. If the number of your site visitors is significant and it is constantly increasing, pay attention to “Turnover” tariff. Description and tariffs terms are available here:

Translated Texts Total Volume (in symbols) and the Text Translated by Outer Automatic Translator (in symbols)

The text content is included into every product card: product name, characteristics, description and other texts written in Chinese. OpenTrade Commerce Platform services cover the expenses on translation of these. The sections “Translated Texts Total Volume” and “Texts Volume Translated by Outer Automatic Translator” show the volume of the texts translated while the customer was browsing the products.

Please note that Google automatic translation costs $20 per 1 million symbols. These values indicate the sum you would spend if you were subscribed to Google Translate. Besides, the service statistics indices show site translation volume made by Google Translate for the language that is not available in OT Box.

Products Source Caching Efficiency (Taobao requests)

When composing the product card, Taobao site is accessed five times (product, shipping cost, discount, seller’s details, seller’s listings). Descriptions and reviews are also taken from Taobao. It usually takes some time to receive data. Frequent requests to Taobao for that kind of information are highly unadvisable. The caching system is provided to accelerate the acquisition of the required information from Taobao. The data received earlier from Taobao is stored there.

To shorten information delivery time and not to get on Taobao’s “nerves” there is a cache where data from Taobao stored. Data is updated approximately once a day (the data that have to be updated with longer time interval is updated less frequently).

The Product Source Caching Efficiency line shows the amount of information (%) taken from the cache instead of requesting Taobao directly.

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